Modeling Instruction

Modeling Instruction involves teaching conceptual Physics and Chemistry through students developing their own conceptual models of phenomena. This has been developed by academics at Arizona State University and it is being used widely by teachers across the US.

On my US study tour, visited teachers at the following schools to investigate the ways they are using Modeling Instruction to teach Physics and Chemistry:

  • Arizona School for the Arts – Phoenix, Arizona
  • John Jay High School – Cross River, New York
  • Trinity School – Manhattan, New York
  • The High School for Maths, Science and Engineering – Manhattan, New York

I also met with with some academics from ASU who have developed this methodology and observed a class of ASU’s Model-it! program.

My posts to date which relate to Modeling Instruction:

A note about spelling: Modeling is spelt with one L in the US and two in Australia. Since this is an American teaching method,  I will attempt to spell ‘Modeling Instruction’ in the American fashion. This is not a spelling error per se, but a regional difference. If, at times, I revert to the Australian spelling this too is not a true spelling error!


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